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Kingz of Swing Breathes New Life As The Show Heads Back Into Production Soon.

ASN Entertainment, LLC and Secrets Development Group, LLC are thrilled to announce the reality show Kingz of Swing is going back into production. New cast members, new locations and storylines make this show hotter than ever! 

More than 12 million Americans are actively engaged in the swinging lifestyle, and over a quarter of all adults have engaged in partner swapping at some point in their lives according to the latest statistics. Swinging is a popular theme on prime time television shows and is a billion dollar industry when you include travel, clothes, alcohol, parties, clubs, and more.

Kingz of Swing is the first show to capitalize on the business side of the Lifestyle and the blood, sweat, and tears (and even more money) that go into making big events and parties happen.

Every episode of the Reality TV show starts with the concept of a new party or takeover idea and follows our hardworking (and sometimes head-butting) cast through the ups and downs of making the dream a reality. The episodes will range from hotel takeovers, ski trip and chalet takeovers, cruise ship takeovers, lots of Hedonism II parties, (and the renovations going on there) to party bus nights and group camp-outs. You never know where our lovable (and loving) cast will be next, and what the next grand scheme is.

Be sure to watch for new episodes of Kingz of Swing coming soon!!!!